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A shame that he isn't moving all that slow and that he can't read her thoughts. If he was to know she was in a hurry - he'd have a lazy smile on his lips and Han would have to make some mention of her wanting to rush into getting him alone.

Instead, she's treated to what it's like to walk through a dingy alley with Han Solo. If she were to look carefully at his face, it would be a bit hard to read. He has a look on it that seems to be looking at everything at once or possibly nothing at all.

He, also, might be a tad more quiet now than he was inside the cantina. Not to the point of being unfriendly or in a way that suggests he doesn't want to talk anymore, but ... he does seem slightly different now.

"My ship is still half taken apart." He reminds her with a half hearted shrug. "I can't go anywhere in a hurry."
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What might surprise a person about the carbonite freezing process - since most people never get the pleasure of the experience - is the way you feel it freezing you on the inside at the same time as it's freezing your outsides. Even holding your breath, it enters your lungs fast. Harding everything you need to breathe. And the cold is so deep that it feels like every nerve is on fire.

If he'd had more than an instant, Han would have probably supposed that drowning feels like this, with less agony. All he really got to think about was the fact that this was going to be the end of him; while his friends were still in trouble ...

He could have lived with his early death if he knew that Chewie and Luke and, especially Leia, were gonna be okay. The best he could do was keep a brave face.

When Han Solo's body was extracted from the freezing chamber, it was clear that he had suffered. It had been quick. There were longer ways to hurt a guy, for sure, but the look on his face was impossible to escape. His hand held up in a pathetic defense from the gas. People were going to see that look on him forever.


All the scanning equipment showed that the smuggler was not dead.

The stormtroopers, many of them, were impressed by that fact because they were by far the most impassionate of all the people on the platform. The didn't hate the man the way his enemies did. Or loved him the way that his friends did.

Their boots pounded in an odd cascade against the catwalks of Besbin's mining facility. Helping a famous bounty hunter load up his prize into the old Firespray model ship.
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Han was sitting in the curved bench of the Millennium Falcon’s galley with a half full glass of a colorless liquid in his hand. It was a loose, but familiar grasp. Like he had held a glass like this a thousand times and he knew exactly how to wrap his fingers around it comfortably. Whatever he was drinking smelled kind of like what leaks out of a power coupler when it’s busted.

He happens to be drinking it slowly, at least.

His other hand is occupied stroking through over the hair of a young lady who decided that his thigh ought to be her pillow while she took a nap.

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Lights Out

Sep. 1st, 2016 05:14 pm
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At least thirty percent of his time, while he was awake, was spent hanging around in bars. Talking shop with the other hooligans. Swapping stories about brushes with death. Playing games of chance. Having a few drinks to pass the time. All of that lingering, hopefully parlaying into a job of some kind eventually. Or at least a lead on one. A new contact, maybe.

There was always something that set Han, in particular, apart from all the other ruffians and freighter bums in the smoky dives he hung around in. That tilt of the head. That smile of his. The timbre of his voice and the way he strung words together. It drew many people in to him. Charisma. Or charm. Confidence? Perhaps all of them working together. He had something intangible that the other low-life’s didn’t seem to have.

People tend to like him. Even when they have no good reason to.

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She trembles in his arms; shaking like the leaves on a Manax tree during a violent storm. He takes to drawing the young woman close to him.

Han feels her heart beating so hard, that it scares him.

“I need it.” She nearly chokes on her tears while trying to force out her admission. “I can’t …”

Solo’s hands smooth over the red waves of her hair and he murmurs every comfort in her ear that he can think to say.

She has a longing for the chemicals they hooked her on … and there’s little that can help apart from time.

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No matter how good you are at something, if you challenge yourself against enough people, you'll find someone who can best you. Even if you have all the talent in the galaxy, nobody is going to be successful one-hundred percent of the time. It's an unfortunate aspect of life that we fail.

You can label those thoughts as pessimism or realism if you like, but it doesn't change it's truth. And the good thing is that, in recognizing you can't be the best at everything all the time, you can come to realize that the whole rest of the human race is on that ship with you. What ends up making the difference is striving to be better and being well rounded in what you can do. There's no shortage of aspiration in Han. He's not the 'resting on his laurels' type.

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That night at the arena was both a boom and bust for the Nexus' scruffy haired scoundrel.

Han now had the money to get every part he needed for the Falcon with more than enough left over to make purchases of this and that for the Overracer. He didn't need to waste time slowly harvesting credits playing various games of chance anymore, so he had all the time in the world to devote to fixing either thing. It's just that a wrist in an immobilizer didn't lend itself to mechanic's work very well at all.

He expected to be held up for a while not being able to do much of anything.

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     Spring on Corellia had been uncharacteristically dry that year. The periodic rain storms that were counted on by the many farmers on planet were infrequent. Not to mention far shorter lasting than what one came to expect from the climate. A too warm season full of people known across the galaxy to be hot-headed.

     Dry as it was on the rest of the planet, you could always count on the air of the northern continent to be a bit damper; especially when you traveled beyond a couple of hundred kilometers of mountainous terrain and got into the swamplands called Agrilat. From his position on a howling speeder, the young racer could feel the air growing more humid around him. The faint, almost peppery smell of razor grass was detectable in the air as he continued down repulsorlift beaten paths. The route was well warn and widened by a volume of travelers.

     The rider was making good time and going a little too fast to do it. That was typical of Han Solo and with his destination being out of the way from all the other places he needed to be right now, he had to cut corners. Or at the very least, hug them tightly and pour on the speed through the straightaways.

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“Ben --”

In a such a large structure with conditioners for the volume of systems and subsystems that run the Starkiller Base, it seems like there should have been more ambient noise then there was. Instead, the voice of his father cuts through the air like freshly sharpened vibroblade. It’s in the echo, however, that you can really hear the desperation.

“Han Solo, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.” That voice, cold and mechanical with the face Han longed to see so badly hidden behind a helmet. The Millennium Falcon’s captain has to struggle to hold back the tears that seem to want to spill from his eyes.

How you could have been so close, as he stalked behind you and still you didn’t seem to feel him or acknowledge that he was there, the old pilot will always wonder. Han’s first footfall onto the durasteel catwalk not the usual confident step, but a shaky one. He has a bad feeling about what’s about to happen and yet, it’s a feeling he has to ignore for many reasons.

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In a galaxy full of space fairing captains who know their ships, Han stands out among them for being obsessive. From the moment he first sat in the pilot seat, before he could even call the ship his own, he’s been studying it.

He remembers what parts he’s replaced over the last two years and when. And he’s got a fair idea of what’s running down on him, though even the best mechanics can’t foresee every breakdown before it happens … especially not on a ship as persnickety as the Falcon. Han knows which of the hidden panels in his ship screech when you remove them. He could even tell which pads on the walls have a crack on them or what square on the holochess board has a chip on it.

He knows his ship.

However, even for a man who knows his ship as well as Han does, it’s hard to pick out some things. In this case, the something in question is an … optic? Some sort of camera? It’s by chance that he even notices it at all, considering the thing is hardly bigger than the size of his thumbnail and tucked into a grove were some power lines are running. He just happened to catch it out of the corner of his eye while walking up the ramp ...

It makes him wonder when did it get there? Who would have placed it there? The location doesn’t suggest they want to find any of the secret compartments of his ship as much as see who is going in and out. Odd. Does he know anyone who would want to watch every single person who came aboard the Falcon and left? He can’t think of anybody who would.

Anyway, he takes the camera over with him to the small section of the ship that he’s allocated to be the lounge and takes out his phone. He shoots a picture of the small camera in his palm and sends it to the only person he can think of that would be able to offer him any thoughts at all on the subject; the spy who has captured much of his attention of late.

The text that accompanies the picture reads:

Do you know what this is?
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119. 5. Ten messages to someone special:

“I’ll explain later. I promise.”
“I didn’t know you had it in you, kid. It’s hard to believe you’re the same person that was getting zapped by that remote on my ship years ago …”
“For all the things that got messed up between us, I couldn’t be who I am without you.”
“You were snoring so loud last night that the only place I could get any sleep was in the cockpit.”
“You deserve the apology I never had the chance to give you. I’m … so sorry.”
“You. Me. The Corphelion Comets. I’ll have the ship ready. We’ll leave as soon as you get back.”
“I didn’t mean to let you down. I always did make more mistakes than I care to admit to.”
“Rhuvian fizzes and Luna Weed is a bad combination. Who knew?”
“It’s not too late. Please come home.”
“Don’t worry about me. I had a good run.”


Han Solo
Star Wars
159 words
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Were Han another kind of man, he might be concerned that "the plaza" is not all that specific of a meet up point. The thing is, he has all types of rendezvous with people where he comes from that are planned only in light details. Sometimes on even less than what he and Nat agreed upon yesterday. At least he got a time in this case.

One of the few instances where the Captain puts faith in something beyond himself ... when two people are meant to find each other, they do. And when they aren't meant to, they won't. A lot of bitter pills of all kinds were swallowed in learning that particular lesson, but it's one he knows to be true.

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Being that the primary source of Han Solo’s income over the last couple of years is delivering cargo, timeliness has become something that has grown increasingly important to him. So his mood begins to fade in a hurry – when parts and fuel, which were payed for and expected, don’t show up on time.

No need to jump to rash conclusions though. The shiftable nature of the Nexus means sometimes things take longer than you anticipate. People get held up. It’s unprofessional, but it happens. Hell, it’s not as if he isn’t occasionally guilty of running into problems he didn’t expect.

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“And who are they anyway, these so-called free traders and independent spacers? Rogues, scoundrels, and worse! The common slangtalk term “freighter bums” is more applicable, surely. Beware to the shipper who would entrust them with cargo; woe to the being who books passage with them!
At best, they are feckless ruffians whose unconscionable social values allow them to undercut the fee rates of established, reliable companies. More often, they’re con artists, frauds, tariff-dodgers and, yes, even smugglers!
Is any rascal with a spacecraft to be entrusted with your livelihood? Overhead, administrative apparatus, and managerial proprieties—these are the best guaranties of a dependable business arrangement!"

Public Service Message #122267-50,
sponsored by the Corporate Sector Authority
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It’s funny that Han Solo, with all the skills he acquired over the first twenty-five years or so of his life, never got into bounty hunting; He’s fairly strong, he’s deceptive and cunning, he’s got a thought process that nobody can anticipate, he’s got a fast ship and, oh yeah, he’s pretty good at leaving smoking craters in flesh. All the makings one would expect to see in a successful in a collector of fugitives.

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It’s surprising what those shoulders can still bare.

Right now, they support the weight of a young girl. A five-year-old who is trying to lean around Han’s head to get closer to the clari-crystalline before them. She reaches out in excitement to press her fingers to the viewport, leaving behind prints when she withdraws her hand.

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Han Solo
Legends Canon
41 years after RotJ
300 Words
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"Heroic smuggler Han Solo may look like a dishevelled rogue in the Star Wars films, but he would have to be a multi-millionaire to keep his ship, the Millennium Falcon, flying. The deceptively shabby spaceship, which is apparently capable of travelling faster than light speed, would cost £2,044,000 ($3,064,415) a year in repairs, according to engineers. They say it would require more than £350,000 in Labour costs alone - and the calculation did not even take insurance into account."

And yet, there are still people who wonder why I steal to get by.



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Han Solo

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